The largest roaster distributor of Torani syrups in the Northwest. 

Torani syrups came from the modest beginnings of handwritten recipes and one Italian couple who sought after the American Dream.  Rinaldo and Ezilda Torre fused sparkling soda with their homemade flavorings to create the Italian Soda, increasing in popularity still today. The coffee craze of the nineties proved lucrative to the growth of Torani syrups in flavoring cappuccinos and lattes, making Torani the #1 flavored syrup brand on the market today.

Along with our K&F Coffees, we supply Torani syrups to restaurants, espresso houses, drive-thrus, cafés, hotels, inns, resorts, bed and breakfasts and other coffee-related businesses.  We proudly use Torani syrups in our own cafés to flavor coffee drinks, cocoa and smoothies. 

Our most popular flavors of Torani are vanilla, hazelnut, Irish Cream, and caramel.  We carry more than 90 assorted flavors.  Try them all, and decide which ones are your favorites.